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don't judge me by my code, but by my uptime.

when we bought our house in 2013 i spent a lot of time to setup my network upstairs in the bonus room where my home office was. it seems like a good place and worked well the first year, then summer hit. i totally under estimated how hot it was going to get up there. i delt with it for a few years, and just a few weeks ago finish the main install. this is the DC under the stairs.

poolBot is a Raspberry Pi based pool controller. its responsibility is controlling and monitoring the swimming pool and spa, this is a DYI solution to overpriced pool automation platforms.

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NFL + Traffic Light

i bought this traffic light about 15 years ago from ebay. i never really knew what the plan was but i had this old circa NY decor look going on in this appartment i had. so i figured i needed a traffic light. eventually technology caught up and a Raspberry Pi became available, and i knew i had to do something with it. until recently all it did was blink based on a simple ssh script. now sundays are a blinking party.

I modified a MXVI-4000 Nerf Blaster for office warfare, i wouldn't dare get into a battle without eye protection.