NFL traffic light

NFL traffic light

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NFL + Traffic Light

i bought this traffic light about 15 years ago from ebay. i never really knew what the plan was but i had this old circa NY decor look going on in this appartment i had. so i figured i needed a traffic light. eventually technology caught up and a Raspberry Pi became available, and i knew i had to do something with it. until recently all it did was blink based on a simple ssh script. now sundays are a blinking party.

update - 9-8-2019

football season has officially started (go pats) and while my buddy was over sunday morning to watch some football we immediately noticed the traffic light was dead (i knew this was coming). luckly i was ready with a replacement Raspberry Pi Zero W. so i broke out the hot glue gun, some extra pieces of plexi i had laying around and boom, updated...

i also took this time to move the gpio-web and nfl code to containers, when i get some time i'll try to get them published on dockerhub.

--- old below this ---

i orginally built it a long time ago, and to this day its still a simple monoprice usb wifi adapater, and an orginal raspberry Pi model B. uses an sainsmart 4 channel relay with only 3 in use. at some point i should replace it with more modern equipment and get rid of the plug. but again i built this in 2012 when i first got my hands on a rpi.

i built a simple script in perl that runs an anyevent http web server, and handles switching the relays on and off, its called there is a second script called, it parses the feed and speeds up the parse or slows it down if there are no games, it then triggers the lights based on whats happening in the game.

the code can be found on github

you can set a favorite team at the top of and it should do the rest.

the blinking legend is as follows.

  • green on during any of the following means your fav team is triggered below
  • extra point - 1 x yellow and red
  • 2pt conversion - 2 x yellow and red
  • field goal - 3 x red
  • safety - 2 x red
  • touchdown - 6 x yellow and red

its a fun additional to the house. someday i'll upgrade the power supply, remove the outlet, and put in a propper mounting thing. i need a 3d printer.

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